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Performance by Design

Erika Berglund, SHRM-SCP, MEd

human Resource Consulting

Human Resources Strategy and People Operations

  • HR Strategy Development: Align HR practices with overall business goals. Create strategies for:

    • talent acquisition and retention; employee development and training; performance management; compensation and benefits; workforce planning and succession; culture and employee engagement.

  • HR Compliance:  Audit HR policies, programs, and policies to assess compliance risks and provide recommendations to address gaps.

  • Workforce Planning and Analytics: Assess workforce needs, skill gaps, and optimize resource allocation for future business demands.

  • Employee Experience: Evaluate and improve every touchpoint an employee has with the organization from recruitment to offboarding to create a seamless and positive journey for employees throughout their tenure.

Human Resorces Implementation Meeting

Change Management

  • Change Vision and Strategy: Develop clear and compelling communication of the need for change and the vision of what the future state will look like, and the strategy to achieve it.

  • Stakeholder Engagement:  Involve and gain buy-in from key stakeholders, including employees, managers and departments to support successful change.

  • Change Readiness Assessment: Gauge the organization's readiness for change, and identify potential challenges, concerns, and areas that may require additional support or communication.

  • Communication Plans: Develop a comprehensive communication strategy including communications channels, progress updates, and avenues for feedback.

Employee Interaction

Employee Engagement

  • Develop strategies and programs to fuel employee engagement and drive better business outcomes.

  • Assist in engagement survey development, deployment, analytics, results briefings, and action planning.

  • Equip managers to own engagement for their teams. Provide training tools, coaching and other resources that enable managers to have effective ongoing coaching conversations with their staff.

  • Assist leaders in integrating the engagement strategy into the corporate strategy if current engagement results have stalled or plateaued.

Employee Training

Training, Learning, and Development

  • Conduct learning needs assessments to identify learning gaps and employee development needs. (Hint: often, training is NOT the first step in addressing poor performance.)

  • Create and deliver custom training and development programs for employees, managers, and leaders.

  • Develop performance support tools that assist employees in their roles.

  • Establish feedback and evaluation mechanisms to assess the effectiveness of learning initiatives.

Employee Interaction

Compensation and Performance Management

  • Align compensation philosophy with the organization’s strategic objectives and values.

  • Develop or revise base pay structures, salary administration policies, and incentive plans to support business drivers.

  • Guide optimization of total rewards through a holistic approach in the assessment of all elements of the total rewards package.

  • Assist in developing and implementing performance appraisal systems, setting performance goals, and conducting performance reviews.

Employee Consultation

Interim and Fractional HR Engagements

  • We offer flexibility and expertise to organizations that may not require a full-time HR presence but still need strategic HR support. Services can be based on the changing needs and priorities of clients.

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